Top tips for a healthy holiday

It's finally holiday time! Time to have fun, relax and do all those things that you otherwise might not have had time for! But too often when we relax, our bodies do too and illness can strike! But do not fear, we have some top holiday travel tips to keep you healthy on the road (or even in the air).

1) Plan ahead to take vitamins and medication - dosing up with some nutrients can prevent illness from being able to attack your immune system. Secondly, if you should feel symptoms make sure you have some general medication to help you cope. Painkillers, aspirin, heartburn medication as well as something for an upset stomach can sometimes help you out in a time of need.

2) Drink lots of water - especially when flying abroad - this will help you avoid jet lag. Plus hydration is incredibly important to avoid common illnesses.

3) Wash your hands often to avoid the spread of germs and infection or keep a disinfectant handy.

4) Saline sprays can help prevent the transmission of air-borne illnesses - this is especially handy when flying. Keep one in your hand luggage when travelling.

5) Try to get at least 7 hours sleep per day when travelling to keep your immune system in check.

6) Lastly, try to get moving a little everyday! Exercise will not only keep the waistline down, but also will provide you with fresh air and boost your immune system.