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When Germans are asked "where would you like to live?" their answer is the same year after year - Munich. The city has been renovated completely since the WW2 and nowadays it is a beautiful city standing in the forefront of technology. As such it's one of Germany's most bustling urban centers. Munich has a famous drinking tradition which comes to its annual peak at Octoberfest - the biggest beer festival in the world. It is also known for its diverse nightlife and the Bavarian cuisine, which typically includes many meat and knödel dishes, and the prominent use of flour.

Car rental in Munich is ideal for those who plan traveling in central Europe. Munich has marvelous geographical location. It is situated in rural southern Germany, one of the greenest areas in Europe, and not far from the Alps. Munich is a classical gateway to Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and also to France and Italy. Everything is close and reachable when you have a rental car.

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Car rental in Munich

Driving a rental car in Munich

Franz Strauss International Airport is located 30km northeast of Munich, and has a huge car rental area. The airport is superbly connected to city, as part of the municipal public transportation system that serves 2.5 million people each day. Munich has three main train stations; the largest is Hauptbahnof located in the city center and has a large car rental area. The other two are Pasing (serves arrivals from the west) and Munich Ostbahnhof (arrivals from the east).

Considering the fact that Munich is a large metropolis with outer quarters and suburbs, getting from place to place is rather easy and quick. All cars are entitled to have "Umweltplakette" sticker, otherwise it's forbidden to enter the "green zones" (most residential areas). These zones are marked with "Umweltzone" traffic signs.

The Altstadring ring road goes around the historical center, where most of the city's attractions are. The Karlsplatz and Kaufingerst are just near by, offering cafes, street shows, beer halls and shopping. Note that the historical center is for pedestrians only. If you wish to enter down town without your rented car, it's recommended to leave it in the outer "park & ride" parking lots. They are relatively cheap and are effectively connected to main areas.

As a tourist junction in central Europe, Munich is a great starting/ending point. Driving to Salzburg on Route A8, for instance, takes less than two hours. A drive to Innsbruck will take approximately an hour and a half. If you wish to drive towards Czech Republic, take Route A9 and continue to Road 93. Driving west to Lake Konstanz and the Swiss border is an unforgettable 3 hours ride on route A96.

However, there are several limitations when driving to Italy and Eastern Europe countries (Cezch Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, etc.) with specific car categories (especially luxury cars, automatic vehicles and minivans). Make sure that these limitations don't interfere with your travel plans in advance and mind the restrictions that appear on your car rental agreement.

Please note that traveling to countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia requires a special road sticker - you'll be able to buy it at the relevant border crossing.

Have a safe and pleasant journey.

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