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They call it "the land of the endless opportunities" and when it comes to tourism (let alone car rentals) it seems that the United States really is the land of countless possibilities. The USA stretches across 9.8 million square kilometers and is divided into four time zones from New York to Los Angeles. It is the home of a vast amount of styles, accents, cultures, ethnic groups, sights and climates. Its parts are so different from one another, that sometimes it's hard to believe more than 300 million of its citizens sing the same national anthem.

That may be the most fascinating thing about the U.S: its ability to surprise and combine dreams into one reality that is bigger than life.

Covering the U.S. completely in the average visit - or even more than one - is virtually impossible, but if there was a way, a rented car would surely be involve. Car rental in the U.S - whether in Florida, California or New York - will turn your journey in America to a fascinating, wild and inspiring one.

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Car rental in USA

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Ofran operates in the USA via several major car rental companies, which handle hundreds of agencies from east to west. Pickup is easy whether you're in the airport, near an amusement park, tourist areas or down town. Renting a car is simple and relatively cheap, making traveling between states quick and hassle-free.

Ofran will be happy to help you in any way regarding your car rental needs in the U.S. Our vast array of rental options and car and road services are sure to make your rental car experience and stay in the United State a smoother, more easygoing experience.

Each of the 50 states has its own transport rules, and while most of them are similar, they still vary from state to state. It's advised to consult with the clerk at the pickup station regarding that issue, especially if you're planning a coast-to-coast journey. All car categories are automatic and all the cars are insured without deductible.

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