Car rental in Miami

Located in the southern end of Florida, Miami offers some of the most extravagant experiences in the USA. Miami is known for its palms, sandy beaches and sports cars that can be seen almost everywhere. A paradise for people that love sunbathing, water skiing or simply relaxing under a coconut tree with a cold tropical drink.

Miami welcomes you to switch into your Hawaiian shirts and sandals to start your vacation. The weather is hot and humid and so is the atmosphere. It's a Caribbean dream and a rented car is the best way to enjoy it. You can drive through the city's glamorous hotels, to the exquisite restaurants and then continue for a drive in Little Havana or Key Biscayne. Miami never sleeps with wild beach parties as a popular choice of venue.

Ofran operates in Miami with rental car companies affiliated with the largest car rental group in the United States - Alamo and National. They operate in all major airports in USA Both companies consistently are ranked first in consumer surveys year after year and offer advanced 24/7 roadside assistance services, so you can enjoy your trip in the USA.

Advantages of booking a car rental in Miami with Ofran:

◾A wide selection of rental vehicles, all with automatic transmission and in various sizes, ranging from Mini category cars suitable for short trips with little equipment to family vehicles, SUVs, 4X4, minivans, and luxury cars.

◾A wide distribution of stations across the United States, at major airports, city centers, tourist sites, and main parks.

◾Peace of mind and confidence that come with the insurance coverage and the award-winning service of a leading company in the industry – offering rental plans that include deductible cancellation and extended third-party insurance up to one million US dollars.

Young Driver Program in the U.S. by Alamo:

Alamo offers a special program for young drivers (between ages 21-25) in the United States. The program includes discounted rates, additional insurance coverage for up to three young drivers (with a minimum one-year driving experience), and prepaid fuel, allowing you to return the car with an empty tank.
Interested in learning more about Alamo young driver program in the United States? Click here. 

Choice Service

At dozens of stations in the USA, at the main airports, Alamo operates a special service called the Choice Service. When you arrive at the rental station, you can choose a specific vehicle from a variety of models and options according to the group you have booked. 
For a list of Choice locations Click here.


At leading stations, you can shorten the waiting time and the process of receiving the rented vehicle by using the pre-check-in service at the following link: Click here.

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