Car rental in San Francisco

San Francisco, located in Northern California, USA, is famous worldwide for the "Golden Gate Bridge," a suspension bridge that spans approximately 2,737 meters and is considered one of the most impressive bridges in the world. 
There is nothing like sitting in San Francisco on the water, watching the Golden Bridge, the seals at Pear 39 or just staring into the blue eternal horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

The city is built on about 50 hills, overlooking the tranquil Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.
 Around 800,000 people live in San Francisco, the capital of American liberalism and civil rights. S.F. is the biggest city in the San Francisco Bay, an area that enjoys great comfortable weather and one of the highest qualities of living rankings in the US.

Ofran operates in San Francisco with brands from the largest rental company in United States - Alamo and National. They operate in all major airports in California.  Both companies consistently rank first in consumer surveys year after year and offer advanced 24/7 roadside assistance services, so you can enjoy your trip in San Francisco.

Advantages of booking a car rental in San Francisco with Ofran:

◾A wide selection of rental vehicles, all with automatic transmission and in various sizes, ranging from Mini category cars suitable for short trips with little equipment to family vehicles, SUVs, 4X4, minivans, and luxury cars.

◾A wide distribution of stations across the United States, at major airports, city centers, tourist sites, and main parks.

◾At dozens of stations in the USA, at the main airports, Alamo operates a special service called the Choice Service. When you arrive at the rental station, you can choose a specific vehicle from a variety of models and options according to the group you have booked. Click here.

At leading stations, you can shorten the waiting time and the process of receiving the rented vehicle by using the pre-check-in service at the following link: Click here.

◾Peace of mind and confidence that come with the insurance coverage and the award-winning service of a leading company in the industry – offering rental plans that include deductible cancellation and extended third-party insurance up to one million US dollars.

Young Driver Program in the U.S. by Alamo:

Alamo offers a special program for young drivers (between ages 21-25) in the United States. The program includes discounted rates, additional insurance coverage for up to three young drivers (with a minimum one-year driving experience), and prepaid fuel, allowing you to return the car with an empty tank.
Interested in learning more about Alamo young driver program in the United States? Click here. 

By booking a car rental in San Francisco with Ofran, you can enjoy all the advantages of a rented car while traveling abroad, with excellent service and the opportunity to manage your time independently and freely as befits a trip in the vast and diverse country.

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