car rental in San Francisco

There is nothing like sitting in San Francisco on the water, watching the Golden Bridge, the seals at Pear 39 or just staring into the blue eternal horizon of the Pacific Ocean.
Around 800,000 people live in San Francisco, the capital of American liberalism and civil rights. S.F. is the biggest city in the San Francisco Bay, an area that enjoys great comfortable weather and one of the highest quality of living rankings in the US.

San Francisco is known for its steep streets, summer fogs, infamous Alcatraz Prison, the traditional cable cars and high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. It has a diverse ethnic communities, among them the biggest Chinese community outside of China. For car renters S.F. is a terrific starting point, whether you're planning to surprise friends that work there or as a gateway for traveling in California.

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car rental in San Francisco

driving a rental car in San Francisco

S.F's steep streets are a special challenge for car renters. On the one hand, a rental car is a great way to cope with the laborious climbs and sharp gradients without the vital help of public transportation; but on the other hand, in a city with such topography, there are some rules one must follow. For example: when parking uphill, you mustn't forget to pull the hand-brake and turn the wheels against the pavement. The same way, when parking downhill - turn the wheels towards the pavement. Parking wrongly is not just a danger for your car - it's also a violation of city's traffic rules.

Because of its unique topography, San Francisco doesn't have motorways or ring roads. It was built in the European style of main boulevards that centralize traffic. The Boulevards lack left turns (almost entirely), something that might cause inexperienced drivers distress. Use a detailed map or an updated GPS navigator. And here is another tip: If you passed by the street you are looking for, turn right three times - that will bring you back to the boulevard at the right exit.

San Francisco International Airport is 21km south of the city. Ofran operates there via several car rental companies, as well as other major locations down town and in S.F suburbs. Car rental agencies are available in Palo Alto, San Jose, Berkley, Okland and more. The convenient locations and efficient costumers service offers Ofran's clients the ability to plan their trip in San Francisco and California optimally.

Car rental in San Francisco is ideal especially for those who plan to hit the road. Route US-101 passes through the city but might be congested during the day. If you are willing to exchange speed for a more scenic views, it's recommended to choose Interstate 280 or take Route 1 which bends along California's west coast. It is an overwhelming drive in one of the prettiest roads in the US.

Several bridges cross the San Francisco Bay. Route 80 (Bay Bridge) leads from the city center to Okland and Berkley. Golden Gate (route 101) leads north to a town called Sausalito and to the famous "Old Faithful Geyser of California". Two other bridges are: San Mateo Bridge (San Mateo-Hayward) and Dumbarton (Palo Alto-Freemont).

Parking in San Francisco is expensive and subjected to a lot of restrictions. For car renters it is highly recommended to park in one of the "park & go" lots that are located close to train stations and other public transportation services.

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