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Car Rental in USA

Car Rental in USA

Renting a car in the United States of America is an easy job considering that the country offers endless possibilities. With its 50 states, the country stretches across 9.8 million square kilometers, in which an unimaginable variety of cultures, ethnic groups, languages, accents, sights and climates.
It is impossible to cover the entire country over one or even two visits, but if you want to see as much of it as possible and cross states, car rental in the USA is definitely the way to do it. You can travel from the east coast to the west, or in any direction you choose, and make the journey itself an experience to remember.
When driving across the country it is important to know that Each of the 50 states has transport regulations of its own. Though most rules are similar, it is advised to consult with the clerk at the pickup station regarding that, especially if you are planning on crossing states.


Toll Roads in the USA

The US Highway System is the largest and most efficient road system in the world, covering 259,032 km and includes interstate roads and other roads connecting major airports, ports and other transportation facilities.
Many of the roads require a toll fee. In order to prevent unnecessary hassle with small money during the trip, the car rental stations offer the purchase of a toll pass (similar to our road 6 device), with which you can drive through toll roads receive the final bill from the rental company.

Rental car companies in the USA

We operate in the USA via major car rental companies- Alamo and National - with hundreds of branches from east to west. Pickup is possible from the airport, near amusement parks, tourist areas or down town. The variety of automatic cars in the USA is vast, and as can be expected from to the nation of supersize, most cars are big and comfortable. Renting a car is a simple and hassle-free process, making traveling between states quick and inexpensive.

Quality: Alamo and National offer the youngest fleet in all of North America, most of it under six months old, as well as the largest selection of 4x4 vehicles.

The freedom to choose: An exclusive "Choice" program is available at all major airports. Alamo and National offer a selection of models to choose from in each group.
Please note that car rental companies in the United States do not accept a Diners credit card as a guarantee credit card, a different credit card in the name under the driver's name must be presented.