Go B2B with Ofran!

The Ofran B2B Program with our XML or white label is a mutually beneficial enterprise, allowing visitors on your site or portal direct access to Ofran's products and services.
It is a great way to increase revenue, as well as increasing the value and functionality of your website.

Ofran strives to provide our customers with competitive rates and the best service available anywhere.
At Ofran we do not believe that customers should expect less because they pay less. Our rates are always competitive, but we never forget that we are in the service business.
If you have never used our affiliate services before, give us a try.

Why choose Ofran for your business?

  • Dedicated to the B2B market for over 30 years
  • Tailor-made solution for your individual needs
  • Over 200 suppliers to fit your requests for both premium and low cost
  • Optimal price/margin ratio for your destinations and customers, including international and key local suppliers
  • Leading technology
  • Our own multi channel customer service before, during and after the rental
  • Special vehicles
  • Dedicated team for our business partners and corporate clients
  • Our own excess refund coverage and Extended coverage for additional up-sale and easy and fast reimbursement
  • Fully transparent terms and conditions. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Individual Business Solutions

  • XML solution
  • White label solution
  • Ofran leading agent booking platform
  • Online agent access

Are you a travel agent, provider or search engine looking to work with a reliable car hire partner? Please contact our sales department at gsa@ofran.com  or complete the form below.

If you are already one of Ofran's partners and you need information about revenue and bookings or you would like to book a car under your agent account, you now have instant access to all your bookings details and documentation at any time via our website agent login. In case you don't remember your access details please send us an email to gsa@ofran.com or complete the form below and we will recall your login details.

We look forward to working together!

B2B with Ofran


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