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What Are Cookies?

"Cookies" are small text documents generated by a web server and saved on your device. Their role is to retain a modest quantity of data from your interactions on the site, enabling the server to recognize you swiftly and primarily offer relevant information to you. Cookies are neither spyware nor adware, and they are incapable of disseminating viruses or executing software on your computer or device. By accepting the Terms of Use of the Website, you consent to Ofran utilizing the data stored in the Cookies - and to identify you accordingly.

Why Do We Utilize Cookies on the Website?

We employ Cookies to facilitate the operation of the website. This includes tasks like monitoring and sustaining its functionality, gathering statistical data on website usage, verifying and securing information, compiling statistical details on use, and accumulating data that excludes personal identification. All these efforts are crucial for tailoring the website to suit your individual preferences. Cookies may also be employed to personalize the advertisements shown to you, offering products or services based on your various online activities and visits to other websites and services.

Web Beacons

We also use web beacons in the continuous and efficient functioning of the website, alongside cookies. Web beacons are tiny image files with a distinctive identifier, embedded within web pages. They play a vital role in collecting data about website viewing and usage. The data acquired by the web beacons is anonymous and is used to track website navigation patterns and gauge user interest in various contents and services.

How Can I Block the Use of Cookies?

You have the option to deactivate cookies and/or eliminate web beacons by modifying your browser settings. For instructions on how to do this, please consult your browser's help documentation. For some of the aforementioned services, you can choose to opt out of cookie collection about you (using the "Opt Out" feature). Be aware, however, that blocking cookies may lead to the inability to access some of the functionalities and features on this or other websites, potentially diminishing the user experience.

Use of Cookies or Web Beacons by Third Parties

During your visit to our website, you might encounter links to other sites, some of which offer services relevant to our operations. Ofran does not control the content or privacy practices of such external sites or providers, and their handling of cookies or web beacons falls under the privacy policy listed on their respective websites.

For further details and an in-depth explanation of our privacy policy, please click here.

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